Providing legal counsel to public and non-profit agencies


Ethics & Brown Act Training

Ethic-PresentationDe Lay & Laredo attorneys regularly provide AB 1234 (Government Code Sec. 53235) training in compliance with regulations of the Fair Political Practices Commission (FPPC). Private sessions can be scheduled ranging from intimate groups of 5 to as large as 50 attendees.




California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA)

Firm members regularly offer orientation sessions regarding the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA-Public Resources Code Sec. 21000). Seminars are designed to provide an overview for policy makers, or facilitate substantive technical discussions for implementing staff.




Navigating the Governmental Maze

Structure of GovernmentThis presentation addresses the needs of new officials and members of the public seeking a foundational understanding of local governmental structures and processes. The session clarifies different roles of local government, differentiating counties, cities (both general law and charter cities) and special districts. The session focuses on placed upon common law responsibilities held by public officials, including the duties of loyalty, due diligence and avoidance of bias.


Desalination Legal Issues

This session was a keynote presentation at the California Water Law 17th Annual Conference. It documents the legal issues surrounding the limited availability of water to the Monterey Peninsula, describes the Superior Court Seaside Basin Adjudication and its creation of the 9-member Watermaster Board to manage that Basin. The presentation also provides an overview of water supply project proposals.


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