Providing Legal Counsel to Public and Non-Profit Agencies in California since 1981 De Lay & Laredo currently serves a variety of agencies as City Attorney, Counsel, General Counsel and Special Counsel.


Communication & Website Disclaimer

Content Provided for General Information Purposes Only
Material on this website is provided by De Lay & Laredo for general informational purposes only. The information stated is not intended to provide legal advice as to any matter and cannot substitute for advice and counsel following factual inquiry and full research by a properly qualified and licensed attorney. Before use, information must be verified to properly reflect current developments in the law and due to exceptions and limitations may not pertain to any specific set of facts or circumstances. Accordingly, information on this site is not promised or guaranteed to be correct, complete or applicable to any specific set of facts without further analysis by an attorney of record.

The content and interpretation of law referenced in this website is subject to revision. De Lay & Laredo, and its attorneys, disclaim any and all liability to the fullest extent permitted by law with in respect to actions taken or not taken based on any content found on this website. You are advised to not act or refrain from acting on the basis of any information contained on this website. You are advised and directed to seek appropriate legal advice, following full disclosure of particular and pertinent facts and circumstances that concern you.

Materials contained on or referenced by this website are not intended to be a source of advertising or solicitation. However, this site constitutes a “communication” as defined in Rule 1-400(A) of the California Rules of Professional Conduct in that it is a message made by and on behalf of attorneys at De Lay & Laredo who are members of the State Bar of California concerning the availability of those members and their law firm for professional employment. The hiring of a lawyer is an important decision that should not be based solely upon website information.

De Lay & Laredo, and this website, may at times provide links to Internet sites maintained by third parties. De Lay & Laredo does not operate or control, in any respect, any information, products, or services on such linked sites. In addition, we are not responsible and do not guarantee the accuracy, completeness, reliability, or content of such information.

No Attorney – Client Relationship
De Lay & Laredo has a policy of entering into attorney-client relationships with clients only in accordance with specific procedures that include executing a written engagement letter and addressing potential or actual professional responsibility conflict as required by the State Bar of California. Transmission or receipt of information contained on this website or a communication from or to De Lay & Laredo or its attorneys via the Internet or email does not constitute or create an attorney-client relationship. You are advised and requested to not send confidential information in response to this web page. Any communication in response to this website shall not create an attorney-client relationship. Any information you may disclose to us will not be privileged or confidential unless and until we agree in writing to act as your legal counsel and an attorney-client relationship shall begin only after you sign and deliver an executed written engagement agreement that is accepted by De Lay & Laredo.

E-Mails or Other Communications from Non-Clients Will Not Be Treated as Privileged or Confidential
You may send De Lay & Laredo an email or other form of communication. However, if you communicate with us in connection with a matter for which we do not already represent you, you should not send us confidential or sensitive information via email, or otherwise, because your communication will not be treated as privileged or confidential. Emails, faxes and other communications are regularly (and at times automatically) scanned to eliminate unsolicited promotions, advertisements and other unwanted communications (“spam”). This may result in deletion of a legitimate email or other communication before it is read by its intended recipient at our firm. Please let us know if you have concerns about this automatic filtering or if our filters are not accepting your communications.

ADA Complaint
The website of De Lay & Laredo is ADA Complaint.

Client Communication
If you communicate with De Lay & Laredo by email, fax or other means in connection with a matter for which we already represent you, you should note that the security of Internet email and other forms of electronic transmission is uncertain. By sending sensitive or confidential through electronic means, including email and fax, messages that are not encrypted, you accept the inherent risks of such uncertainty and must be aware that a lack of confidentiality may result.

If you have questions about a particular matter, please send a message directly to the attorney with whom you are working. All De Lay & Laredo attorneys are listed on the “Attorney Profiles” page. Although we regularly monitor e-mail and fax communication, please do not rely solely on email or fax to communicate urgent matters.

For any urgent matter please contact the lead attorney with whom you are working.

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