Providing Legal Counsel to Public and Non-Profit Agencies in California since 1981 De Lay & Laredo currently serves a variety of agencies as City Attorney, Counsel, General Counsel and Special Counsel.


De Lay & Laredo has provided legal counsel to public and non-profit agencies since 1981. Serving special districts, water districts, fire districts, community services districts, joint powers authorities, park districts, airports, as General Counsel and Special Counsel.

De Lay & Laredo also represents non-profit agencies, select businesses, and individuals. De Lay & Laredo attorneys provide efficient, cost effective legal services. We set high standards and consider ourselves a small firm with big firm experience.

Our mission is to ethically serve our clients with competence and skill, to provide responsive assistance and advocacy in support of our client’s needs. We pledge to do so with dedication, candor, and instructive direction.

We offer complete legal solutions, from drafting to negotiation to trial and appellate advocacy: our trademark skill is problem solving and goal achievement.

Our firm is dedicated to excellence. We take pride in providing timely, pragmatic and supportive advice, and delivery of legal services that are both technically accurate and of practical use.


Local elected officers, candidates for local elective office, and local officials specified in Government Code Section 87200 may not accept gifts from any single source totaling more than $590 in a calendar year. (Section 89503.) The gift limit is adjusted biennially to reflect changes in the Consumer Price Index. For 2023-2024, the gift limit is $590. (Section 89503; Regulation 18940.2.) Gifts from a single source aggregating to $50 or more must be disclosed, and gifts aggregating to $590 or more during any 12-month period may subject an official to disqualification with respect to the source. (Section 87103(e).)


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