Providing Legal Counsel to Public and Non-Profit Agencies in California since 1981 De Lay & Laredo currently serves a variety of agencies as City Attorney, Counsel, General Counsel and Special Counsel.


De Lay & Laredo attorneys provide legal counsel related to compliance with California’s Brown Act to avoid or minimize missed opportunities, disputes, and litigation.

The Ralph M. Brown Act (“Brown Act”) CA Government Code Sec. 54950.0 –54963.0 was enacted in 1953. The purpose behind the Brown Act, as originally adopted and as it remains today, is to ensure that actions of local public agencies – including their deliberations – are taken in open and public meetings, with posted agendas, and where all persons are permitted to attend and participate. Courts construe the Brown Act liberally, in favor of openness and narrowly construe its limited exemptions. The Brown Act and provisions of the Americans with Disabilities Act not only guarantee the public’s right to attend and participate in open and public meetings but ensure that the meetings will be accessible to all members of the public. Violations of the Brown Act can result in the action taken being invalidated and the award of attorney’s fees and costs if there is a successful legal action against a public agency. Certain intentional violations may result in criminal prosecution.

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